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Dr. Candice Armfield

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 Screening & Prevention

The ever-increasing prevalence of cancer in our society has made it imperative that we continually screen for the presence of cancer in our bodies. The earlier a cancerous lesion is detected, the better the treatment outcome and survival rate. Dr Candice can perform your pap smear to exclude cervical cancer or breast exam and sonar in woman to diagnose breast cancer, blood test to exclude prostate cancer in men as well as general symptom screening, evaluation and education about other cancers. All woman should have a pap smear and HPV screening from the age of 18 or after first sexual encounter, breast examination should start as soon as breasts develop especially if there is a family history of breast cancer. All men should be having a PSA (prostate blood test) from the age of 40. But if any symptoms arise at any point – the sooner you have it checked out, the better!

Acute Care

Flu season always seems to be around the corner and someone always has gastro to pass on to you or your children. Crèche/school seems to be germ infested and the little ones can never seem to escape the grip of colds and flu. It’s inevitable, at some point you or a loved one will get ill, or get injured and when you need a doctor fast, you want someone you can trust and feel comfortable enough with to discuss even the most embarrassing ailments. Look no further.

Chronic Care

Dr Candice is passionate about early detection of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, lung conditions such as asthma, epilepsy etc. Best care of chronic conditions includes diagnosis, optimisation of medication, regular monitoring, at least annual blood tests or other investigations, prevention of complications and most importantly patient education to empower YOU to control your illness and improve your quality of life.

Aesthetic Medicine

We all want to look and feel our best, to look youthful and vibrant and feel energetic and full of life. Come and visit Dr Candice and try one of our beauty procedures or products to erase the evidence of ageing and stress off your face, remove unwanted unsightly growths including skin tags, or get a boost with a range of vitamin and mineral drips that can re-invigorate you and give you back the spring in your step..

“It is such a pleasure going to see Dr Armfield. My son who is 4, would always be petrified of doctors, but with her caring nature and a real interest for her patients, it is a breeze! She is very professional and open but gentle at the same time”


“Always a pleasure visiting your practice and getting a quality check up and a proper diagnosis , always leaving with the fizzer is an added bonus … lastly my kids feel comfortable coming to the doctor as they appreciate you always making them smile”


“A friendly and caring lady, doctor and mom. She is always helpful and cares for you and your child. She is always well presented and has your best interests at heart”


“Dr Armfield instantly makes you feel relaxed and at ease when you step into her rooms. She is warm, caring and incredible at what she does. Would definitely recommend”


“Dr Armfield is an amazing Doctor. Exceptionally thorough,caring and attentive, she gives her patients the very best care and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get well.”


“Dr Candice Armsfield is by far the best GP I have ever been to. She has the warmest bed side manner. Her practice always clean and smell fresh. She really cares for her patients and makes you feel very special. Always listens and discuss necessary medication and diagnosis properly without having u feel rushed which makes me as a patient confident when leaving,knowing that I have been taken care off. With my kids also she is very sensitive,kind and caring. As a result I truly trust and rely on her advice, I certainly recommend my GP in a heartbeat.”

Diabetes Management

Asthma Managment

X-Ray Referral

Blood testing

Prostate Screening

Blood Pressure Management


Vitamin Drips


Pap Smears

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Diabetes Management

Asthma Management

X-Ray Referral

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Prostate Screening

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